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Cyril Sahyoun, M.D.

Dr. Cyril Sahyoun is a pediatrician and a pediatric emergency medicine physician at Morgan Stanley’s Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian at Columbia University Medical Center. He trained at both Columbia and Boston Children’s Hospital. His professional interests include patient education, medical simulation, trainee education, and international health efforts.


Articles by Cyril Sahyoun, M.D.

Safely Treating the 5 Most Common Infant Ailments

Safely Treating the 5 Most Common Infant Ailments

By: Cyril Sahyoun, M.D.

The first time your baby gets an ear infection or catches a cold, you may feel scared or anxious. But it’s very common for your child to experience one or several of these ailments within their first year. Fortunately, not all infant illnesses mean a trip to the doctor. There are many things you can […]

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